056 What Would Virtual Assistant World Look Like 30-50 Years From Now


What would Virtual Assistant world look like 30-50 years from now?

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Let me answer the question this way:

1.  What is the future of computers and internet?
It will be faster than today so more data can enter to your computer. If you want to look at the future, go to Japan!

2.  Will computers be easier or difficult to use?
Before, computers needed only a keyboard, then the mouse came in 1982 and now came the tablet. All these developments will now lead you to a future where it will be easier to use the computer.

3.  Will people hate working at home?
Before the invention of multi-companies, where do you think people work? Before, people worked in the fields. After the invention of the corporation, people went to the city. Now, the internet is faster and the computer is easier to use. You can do meetings across the world from your home. Data is already at your fingertips.

4.  Is commuting still the norm in the further?
Corporate cities are becoming old. Commuting into the city is not going to be a trend.

5.  Will there be online workers in the future? Yes.

6.  Will people still hire people online? Yes.

7.  Will Filipinos start hiring virtual assistants themselves? Yes. Filipinos are starting to wake up to the fact that going abroad is not the only option. People are learning that earning dollars is possible while working on the computer and staying at home. Going abroad is lonely. Sometimes, this causes the marriage to break-up because the family is apart.

So, you tell me, what do you think? What would Virtual Assistants be like 30-50 years from now?
May you have a great future.

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