055 How Do I Know If A Website Offering An Online Job is Actually A Scam or Not


How Do I Know If A Website Offering an Online Job is Actually a Scam or Not?

Our question for today is “How do I know if a website offering an online job is actually a scam or not?”

There are some examples given:

  1. There is this website asking me for P2,500 to start working for them.
  2. Another one, there is this website I applied and accepted me. Send me all the rules and policies but after sending the rules and policies, they just stop sending me anything.
  3. There is this guy who work for the company for a week and when it’s time to bill them, the company just stop replying. How do you manage that?

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Don’t go to sites that you don’t know. There are few popular sites for online jobs.

  1. oDesk.com
  2. Freelancer.com
  3. Elance.com

When you go to these websites, there is a zero guarantee you get a decent or honest client unless you check out the rating system of clients. There is a rating system, 5 stars are high, 3 stars okay, 0 star is new. Don’t get hired by these people who are no stars. There are also reviews, check them. If no stars or reviews then don’t work there. Look for companies who have history.

If someone email you, then go and goole the company name and the word scam and see if you can find people who’s talking about this companies. If you find any hint of scam then just avoid.

You applied and send you these rules and regulations and policies, then nothing. Obviously, they only after your email address. “Jomar, what’s important about my email address?” Believe me they only want your email address and send you spam. Just make sure your spam filter is working.

Why is your email address is important? Because an email address that replies is an active email address somebody is behind that email address. They can sell your email address to somebody else.

You working for someone, you did something and now billing them but they’re not paying. It’s called learning from mistakes. Make sure you found stories about the company before working for them.   Don’t ask for money up-front. If you are uneasy, ask for your weekly billing. Invoice the client every week.

If the client ask to test you “create an article for me using these keywords”. That’s a SCAM! You don’t do a test wherein a person can get an article from you online and then runaway.

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