054 Jomar, How Are You Going To Convince Me To Start Working From Home


Jomar, How are you going to convince me to start working from home?

Our question for today is “Jomar, I don’t have a question but I want to tell you, you have to convince me so that would start pursuing how to become a virtual assistant. How are you going to convince me, Jomar?”

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This week, I lost all of my files in my media library. I have around 17,000 songs and average of 300 photos.  My iTunes have been corrupted so I can’t access my files.

If you’re in my situation, what you have done? Would you panic? What I’m going to do with my photos it’s all gone!!! But because of preparation, I have back-ups. The only thing I need to do now is to access my back up and reconstruction my video and photo library. It’s a hard work because I am revisiting all the back ups and look which one I want to include in my new library. This the only thing I am facing right now, I am not in panic and having anxiety because I have prepared.

This is the same as “You”. You have a business doing okay, you have a job, salary and sideline. But what will happen if those things disappear? Are you prepared? Do you have a back-up?

That’s my message to you today, if you don’t have a back up where you’re income coming from. It’s about time you need to prepare. One way is to learn new skills that can command high income from the Internet. Free learnings at http://freewebinars.com every Monday at 9pm. If you can’t attend Monday, there is a replay on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. You can upgrade and learn even more with my downloadable seminars.

There are many ways to prepare yourself and this is what I can offer you for free. Get a back up, prepare for the future!

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