050 When Will I Say That I’m Completely Ready To Work For Someone


When Will I Say That I’m Completely Ready To Work For Someone?

Our question for today is “I’m a first timer and I want to know when I will say that I am completely ready to sell my skills online and work for someone, considering I need to learn a lot of things as a first timer?

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The way we present ourselves to people. What I do is (my personal advice) don’t tell people like “I know Photoshop, Facebook Ads”, you don’t need to really say it in a resume not even in an interview.  The  approach there that is effective in my opinion is you don’t say it. Instead, you show that you are teaching it. That’s the time when you are showing a topic, let’s say Pinterest marketing or Facebook Ads.  Then that’s the time that you know that you can start working for someone and showcase your talent.

How to showcase your talent? What you do is do something like this podcasting. Start a video blog or podcast and discuss teaching people all the small things. All the easy things, all the medium stuff and some hard things you know about let’s say Facebook Ads.  If you don’t like to talk to a camera, you can just create PowerPoint presentations and voice over.  So you don’t show your face, but the voice over, but you teach people.

For example, you are good in Excel, like you know 10 formulas, so open Excel and open up the screen recorder or a cell phone camera and you voice over discussing how to use these formulas as if you are teaching somebody. You create a lot of that like 10, 20 or 30 tutorials and videos.

If you don’t want to do tutorial, voice over or video, you can also do it by creating an essay tutorial form that has a lot of pictures. The important thing here is you shouldn’t be writing this like an essay because that is boring.

When you teach, you have few words and then pictures that demonstrate what you are teaching. You teach that way and if you have 10 or 20 of those tutorials in your Facebook page, in your resume, in your blog or website. The people tend to see you who knows what you are talking about because you are teaching it.

The point of view here is to learn something like Excel to the point that you can teach. You’ve learned 10 formulas that are useful in Excel and teach that in your blog, Facebook and YouTube channel. People will now consider you as somebody who is credible that you know that skill.

In reality you just knew the skill or study the skill one month before, but the way they see you is wow this person is teaching. Just make sure you have more than 10 or 20 of those tutorials. If you think that is not enough you go for 30 or 40 tutorials. The higher the number of tutorials you’ve got, the more people say “I like this person, he is really teaching, he’s showing me what he knows but also teaching to others”.

Of course, nobody knows if people are actually visiting your website or visiting your tutorials but that’s not the point.  The point is when they see the tutorials, they see all you’re teaching something you know. Therefore, you know something and that’s the secret.

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