049 How Do I Get Clients From The Internet For Example I Want To Teach English


How Do I Get Clients From the Internet for Example I Want to Teach English?

Our question for today is “Jomar, how I’ll get clients from the Internet for Example I want to teach non-English people how to speak English. Is there any standard material I can use?

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First, determine what kind of English you want to teach.  You want to teach Grade 1 or Grade 2 level. Get a reference material example, you want to teach Grade 1 or Grade 2, conversational level.  You get some books or textbooks, buy or borrow lesson plans first because you cannot teach if you don’t have the material yet.

Second, you have to figure out or determine the nationality.  What is the country of the people you are going to teach. After that you run Ads in Facebook and talks about the country and nationality that need to speak English.

If you no knowledge in running Ads in Facebook, just study it.  Learn from YouTube or go download my VA202 seminar which will teach you on how to run Ads on Facebook.  Or create a Facebook page that talks about Korean speaking in English. Your Facebook page could be called “Korean Speaks English”. You could be talking to Koreans there and the need to speak English.  It has to be an entertaining site, meaning you’ll be talking to the needs and wants for Koreans.  Sometimes you will need to use a Korean word because that’s the nationality you’re targeting.

You  could have to go to places like Facebook groups of Koreans and put posters in Facebook pages for Koreans .  Or you also need probably go to forums where Koreans are trying to speak English.

Third, another suggestion would be to download “duolingo.com” and see if you could find clients from the App.  There are other Apps in Apps Store and Play Store that teach and encourages you to meet with other people and you teach each other the language. However, the difference is free.  But maybe after teaching the language, you can offer your services for paid.  You look for that in Google like language translation services or language apps or language social network apps.

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