048 How Do I Remove Procrastination


How do I remove Procrastination?

Our question for today is “After so many seminars and so many books, I’m starting to become a better person than before.  But the one thing I can’t seem to remove from myself is procrastination.  How I totally remove procrastination?

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Congratulations! That you have started the journey and deepen the journey of improving yourself.  Jim Rohn said “Success is attracted by the person you become”.

You are doing the right thing.  You become the person who attracts success.  What you need to do right now to get rid of the procrastination is to use micro-habits.  There is a book by Charles Duhill, there is also an audio book from audible.com same title.  The concept of the book is about micro-habit. You establish a micro-habit every day (e.g. Push Ups, you do push ups a day.  Yes, it’s ridiculous to the point your procrastination muscles will not say “NO”.  You want to finish a book, so you read one page a day. Sometimes, when people teach reading the bible, the way to use the micro-habits is read a chapter a day or a verse a day.

If your procrastination is really strong, just read one word from the bible a day. That’s the technique taught in that book and it taught by a lot of experts on how to remove procrastination for every day of your life.  You can apply it every part of our life.

Congratulations and “ituloy mo lang yan”.  The journey is long, but it is worth it!

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